Why plant a tree !!

Many construction companies now often pay to have trees planted in an effort to offset their carbon emissions, however, from the west of England one particular builder decided instead to buy a whole forest.

To offset its impact on the environment Beard Construction bought 180 acres of woodland, Wrington Warren under the Mendip hills..

Trees are known to store twice as much carbon as they emit and many busineses use them to ‘cancel out’ pollution caused by commercial activities. Beard say this recent purchase will in fact probably ‘offset’ the company’s whole carbon footprint.

Neil Sherreard, deputy chairman said: “This recent investment is the result of Beards ambitious approach to building. The reality of carbon reduction in the construction sector is seen through residual offsetting. This is also an example of the seriousness of our drive to create as little impact as possible on the environment. This is seen as a long term commitment and we will ensure this woodland thrives”.