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Static frameworks to be changed by Homes England | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Static frameworks to be changed by Homes England

Giving more opportunity to new players, Homes England is to change the way it procures house-builders.

If you are not on the list at the moment you don’t get the opportunity. However, soon the list of approved suppliers will not be set in stone.

From July 2021 a new dynamic purchasing system (DPS) will replace the current delivery partner panel (DPP3). The DPS will change how Homes England procures house-builders, “increasing flexibility and introducing a new more proportionate approach to ensuring partners’ ability to deliver homes on sites”.

It is planned to open the DPS for the first round of applications from April 2021. House-builders will have the option to apply to join the DPS at any time as the pipeline of sites coming to market are publicised on the Homes England Land Hub or are brought forward by public sector landowners.

Homes England said: “We are moving away from the DPP approach where house-builders had one opportunity to join when the panel was renewed”. “This new dynamic and land led approach will open Homes England sites up more widely to the whole market and be more flexible to accommodate market changes”.

SMEs bidding to deliver smaller sites will be giver simpler entry criteria than those expected of developers bidding for larger sites.

Nick Walkely, Homes England chief executive said: “Whilst a government procurement framework may not sound like exciting news, our new dynamic purchasing system and land led approach really does modernise how we invite bids for public land. I hope our partners can see that we’ve actively listened to their feedback and acted on it”.

“Our new DPS with its new flexibilities, new membership criteria and more effective approach to marketing sites will benefit our partners in the public sector and the house-building sector, particularly new entrants and SMEs”.