Standalone division for Pump Hire

Specifically for Pump Hire, GAP Hire Solutions have put in place an independent division specifically for pump hire.

Having had £18m invested to get it going, this will be the group’s 11th specialist division.

GAP’s pumps will be colour co-ordinated according to their use: drainage, sewage and hydraulics. Pump sizes available from two-inch to twelve-inch with across the range equipment being sourced from mainstream suppliers such as Atlas Copco, DXB pumps and Active Engineering. Also solely for use by this new division new delivery vehicles will be used.

“Over the years GAP has been heavily involved in the water and utility industry so that the formation of this specialist pump division will help cater to our customer’s needs even more”, according to Mark Anderson managing director.

He went on to say further: “Our pumps are the most efficient, modern models that are currently on the market and are fitted with telematics systems which will ensure complete control for the user. Pump Service will also offer silt sifter solutions and chemical dosing equipment as well as ancillaries such as road crossing pipes and pedestrian ramps”.

In the course of time we plan to have approximately 15 Pump Services depots throughout the country which will ensure our specialist customer service continues to be of the high standard we hold ourselves to”.

To begin with Gas Pump Services will operate from the company’s non-mechanical and welfare service depots in Tilbury, Derby and Tewesbury. There are also plans to open depots in Bury St.Edmunds, Harhill and Warrington.