Rapid fix for damaged power lines

To be introduced in Scotland to help restore power supplies disrupted by severe weather is a system which resembles a giant Meccano. The new technology can restore power within 24 hours. The Meccano like Emergency Restoration System can be deployed at short notice to support both overhead and underground lines. It provides a far more rapid response system for engineers to use in the field than has previously been available and allows them to replace ageing technology that previously would have taken weeks to put in place said SP Energy.

The system is built from lightweight and compact components and can be constructed from ground level with a base that is adaptable to any terrain and the versatility to support overhead lines at any height anywhere on the SPEN network.

It establishes a temporary power bypass from the damaged power lines, poles or towers, once erected, keeping the lights on for those living and working nearby while engineers get to work on the permanent fix.

The engineering team at SPEN has also adapted the technology to allow it to be used where faults are discovered underground, using it to bypass electricity flow away from damaged sections of the network while repairs are made.

Guy Jefferson, SP Energy Networks customer service director said: “When bad weather hits our engineers work 24/7 to keep the lights on. We know from experience that the worst winter storms can result in some power loss particularly when lines are hit by trees or brought down by the high winds”.

“The cutting edge design of the Emergency Restoration System makes it possible for our engineers to make repairs faster than ever before, while keeping our customers connected to the power network”.

“While extreme power cuts occur very rarely, our teams are prepared for every eventually. This system is lightweight and can be easily transported and assembled in several configurations to suit all types of terrain no matter the weather conditions”.