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Precast Foundation System approved | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Precast Foundation System approved

The use of Roger Bullivant’s RBeam precast concrete foundation system has been approved by NHBC, who provide warranties and insurance for new homes in the UK.

The NHBC Accepts register of products that need prevent no obstacle to houses securing insurance, has added RBeam to the register.

Set in motion in 2020 in response to the popularity of prefabrication and system building in housing (called ‘modern’ methods of construction) to alleviate concern in the insurance industry regarding build quality and unproven design lives. As part of this NHBC reviews design, manufacturer and construction of components and when satisfied give NHBC Accepts accreditation.

RBeam is a factory-produced reinforced precast concrete foundation system for low-rise developments. A concrete frame sites on piles.

Bullivant’s foundations systems director, Richard Taylor said: “This approval will give customer confidence together with improved productivity on site. It is also identified as an important achievment in the progression of offsite manufacture in the residential market”.