Pallet re-use scheme

Many construction sector companies are signing up to a construction industry pallet re-use scheme. A scheme intended to help reduce the consumption of single-use pallets and help the industry to re-use them, a scheme called ‘Pallet Loop’.

Approximately 18 million pallets are produced for the UK construction industry with most being discarded after one use. It is estimated that up to 10% of the construction waste stream consists of pallets.

One of the UK’s leading pallet producers the Scott Group together with Paul and Ryan Lewis have formed this joint venture called Pallet Loop. The Pallet Loop, set up with the aim of transforming the distribution of building materials nationwide. Distinctive branded green pallets are distributed to manufacturers who transport products on them to construction sites after having paid a deposit per pallet. As the pallets move through the supply chain the deposit will pass from manufacturer to merchant to end user. The pallets are then stacked and stored awaiting collection from Pallet Loop who then return the deposits. The pallets are then repaired and recirculated.

John Davies, Improvement Director at Marshalls, paving block producer, who have recently joined the Pallet Loop said: “We are always looking at ways of reducing waste and recycle and reuse more in our efforts to achieve net zero by 2030 and this new circular approach to our pallet use is something we look forward to exploring”.

Sarah Jane Davies, sustainability manager at John Sisk & Son, who have become another convert to the scheme, said: “The Pallet Loop supports our objecive as part of our 2030 sustainability roadmap, to embed circular economy principles into our operations. We actively encourge the reuse of pallets in the construction sector helping to move away from the single use scheme previously used.

Wolseley Builders Merchant have also joined the group and head of ESG Nick Coad said: “Wolseley together with some of our key suppliers are currently working on circular economy projects, Pallet Loop helps this by addressing the packaging element as we look to remove pallet waste”.

Phil Dent, The Pallet Loop chief executive said: “Top of the agenda for a lot of companies is sustainability and the launch of The Pallet Loop is well-timed. There has been a big change in the way we think about the environment with businesses and consumers recognising what has to be done to help climate change. There is an overwhelming thought that as with safety we can’t compete on sustainability and that the solution lies in working together to achieve this change. It is an exciting time for The Pallet Loop and thanks go to everyone who has welcomed this idea of a circular pallet solution. With the roll out of our green pallets later in the year we look forward to continuing our work.