Multi-Faith Centre to be built at Exeter University

Planning permission has been approved for the construction of a Multi-Faith Centre on the Streatham Campus at Exeter University.

Building contractor Willmot Dixon will work with the University to complete designs for the building and hopes to be able to begin construction this summer.

Designed to replace the current Muslim Prayer Rooms the Multi-Faith Centre will consist of a 50 person Muslim prayer space and a Multi-Faith space. It will also include a communal meeting space, a kitchen and an office for the University Multi-Faith chaplaincy team.

The project will be designed to Passivhaus standard with porotherm blocks, air source heat pumps and solar photovoltaic PV panels on the roof.

The project team who have been working with Willmot Dixon are Faithful & Gould, Group Emmett Design, SE3 Design, Sands, SDS and Arup.