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Money-saving Fuel Additive | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Money-saving Fuel Additive

A fuel additive is currently being trialled by an Oxfordshire scaffolding company.

A fleet of 44 vans and lorries is run by Banbury-based Allsafe Scaffolding. They are to put an additive in three of there vehicles to monitor if they get more miles out of the tank.

Supplied by London-based SuINOx Group, who claim that the product called SuINOxEco Fuel Conditioner, reduces emissions while increasing engine efficiency.

Andrew Simmonds, Allsafe managing director said: “We are always looking at new ways to minimise our environmental impact and reducing carbon emissions is one of the ways we can help to achieve this. With fuel prices remaining high we hope to improve the efficiency of our fleet”.

SulNOxEco is a unique advanced fuel additive which is made from natural, biodegradable ingredients which have been shown to improve fuel efficiency while reducing the production of harmful emissions, including CO2 and fine particulate matter.