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Kingspan aims for zero carbon manufacturing by 2030 | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Kingspan aims for zero carbon manufacturing by 2030

Kingspan the building materials giant has launched a ten year strategy to reduce its carbon consumption.

By 2030 Kingspan intends to be powering 60% of all its operations directly from renewable energy, up from 5.9% today. At least 20% of this energy will be generated on its manufacturing sites.

By 2030 it will aim to achieve a net zero carbon manufacturing and a 50% reduction in product CO2 intensity from primary supply partners.

It will be recycling a billion plastic bottles a year into insulation products by 2025 – up from 256 million in 2018. And it aims to harvest 100 million litres of its water usage from rainwater.

Kingspan has called its sustinability strategy Planet Passionate.

Chief executive Gene Murtagh said: “Climate change is the single most important issue facing the world today and our most urgent priority. At Kingspan, we are committed to driving a more sustainable approach to our business in response to these issues. Energy conservation has always been at the core of our products, and how we run our business. Through Planet Passionate we will reduce carbon and energy in both our manufacturing processes and products, and continue our relentless pursuit of low-carbon buildings that deliver more performance and value, with clear targets to strive for by 2030”.

Head of sustainability Bianca Wong said: “To protect our planet, carbon emissions need to fall by 45% by 2030, and to net zero by 2050 – but we’re currently on course to miss this goal by at least five-fold. At Kingspan we recognise the need for all businesses to take urgent action. We also know that more sustainable building products, combined with high-performance building envelope design, have the potential to save enormous amounts of energy and carbon. By working in partnership with the industry and striving to be Planet Passionate in everything we do, we are confident we can achieve the goals we have set our business and enable ourselves and our customers to contribute to the global fight against climate change”.

In 2011, Kingspan announced a Net Zero Energy programme with a 2020 target to match 100% of its operational energy use with renewable energy. The company says that it is on track to achieve this goal.