HVO extra cost to be shared

The additional cost involved in using green diesel is to be divided between developer Urban & Civic and Buckingham Group Contracting.

With the cost of HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) now increasing by 20p per litre more than regular diesel and Buckingham Group expecting to use approximately a million litres of fuel to power the machinery needed for earthmoving at Priors Hall Park in Corby, this could add up to an extra £200,000.

Having already completed 3,000,000m of earthworks in the first three seasons and with 1,500,000m planned for the 2022 phase, Buckingham will deliver the bulk earthworks for the second phase of Urban & Civic’s housing development at Priors Hall Park.

Six 50-tonne primary movers are on site and Buckingham at peak production will be moving more than 100,000 m a week.

The project will involve excavating down four metres to a formation level and backfill with re-engineer fill, in 300m layers, to formation. The engineered ground will then be surcharged with mounds up to five metres in height. The surcharged mounds then remain in place for between four to six months allowing for settlement prior to the removal the following season.

According to plans Priors Hall Park will have approximately 5,300 new homes.