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Hitachi develops new fleet management software | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Hitachi develops new fleet management software

Allowing other makes of machines to be managed, Hitachi Construction Machinery UK has developed new fleet management software.

Allowing fleet managers to access a live portal to monitor performance and location of their Hitachi equipment, together with that of other manufacturers in their fleet, Hitachi has designed CT Fleet Link, a mixed-fleet telematics system.

This telematics system uses both of the Hitachi application programming interface (API) from Global E Service and a bespoke API develolped by Hitachi Construction Machinery UK (HCMUK), which will allow real time data.

HCMUK have been working with Xwatch Safety Solutions, which makes rated capacity indicators and height/slew limiters. CTFleet Link are now able to include data relating to the activities of the limiting devices.

Stephen Creaser, HCMUK director of product support said that the company is now working on checking systems for seatbelt wearing, proximity alarms, safety cameras and data from 3D machine control systems.