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Graphene paint factory opens in Norfolk | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Graphene paint factory opens in Norfolk

Paints that incorporate graphene – the thinnest material known to man – are now being mixed and tinted to order at a new factory in Norfolk.

The Graphene Company, the UK distributor of the Graphenstone range of paints and materials, is targeting both retail and trade customers with the new service. The Graphenstone range was launched in 2017.

Graphene is described as being 200 times stronger than structural steel, hightly inert, innocuous, non-toxic pure carbon. The company claims that its inclusion in Graphenstone paints, coatings and other building materials enhances hardness, durability, compression, tensile strength, elasticity and coverage. It is a conductive material – 1.000 times more conductive than copper – and so is said to improve the thermal regulation of buildings, saving energy by requiring less heating and air conditioning.

Graphenstone paint is described as being carbon neutral: as the paint cures over its lifetime, each square metre of Graphenstone paint absorbs 120 grams of carbon dioxide from the local environment where it’s applied.

The porous, vapour open nature of Graphenstone’s lime and graphene-infused coatings ensures that walls can still breathe, said the company.

The Graphene Company’s director Patrick Folkes said: “Carbon dioxide absorbing, temperature regulating, energy saving paints are one simple and immediately available measure to start striking back against climate change”.