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Film & Television Studio Campus | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Film & Television Studio Campus

A film & television studio campus in a previous Bedfordshire Quarry have submitted plans for planning permission.

A masterplan has been designed by architect Scott Brownrigg to redevelop the 143 acre site which was a former clay mineral quarry. The project will consist of 1.75 million sq.ft. of studio space with on-site accommodation and amenities.

The former quarry, which closed in 2008, includes a group of brownfield sites with access tracks and flooded extraction bowls with part of the site up to 12 metres below natural ground level. Four separate 430,500 sq.ft production units on a 70-acre platform, four metres above the water level, will address this situation. The proposed units will surround a restaurant and activity zone linked to two lakes which have formed due to natural flooding of extraction pits. Workshops will surround the studio space and an outer loop road will provide access to other facilities.

Construction of the development can begin if planning permission is granted as the land has already been purchased and funds are to hand.

This development would create an exciting development and functional film and television complex for the Home Of Production (HOP) in the UK.