Digital deal agreed by BSI

A deal has been agreed with Norwegian software company Cobuilder to digitise the British Standards Institution (BSI) library of British standards.

The aim is to convert British Standards into a ‘machine-interpretable’ form to create a common language for people and their software systems.

BSI say that construction contractors will be able to use the standardised data templates in projects to improve business processes such a design, purchasing, cost calculations, carbon footprint calculations and much more.

Standards are the framework of the built environment and also support building regulations while providing good practice relating to such things as fire safety, use of energy and sustainability. Standards help to bring together and support stakeholders across the built environment to hasten innovation and progress.

To be in a position to deliver on the challenges facing us it is imperative that the good practice within standards is used as the starting point. To make this information available in a machine interpretable form will give built environment stakeholders a common language to be in a position to deal with these new challenges.