Concrete Containment Barriers on M1

Concrete containment barriers thinner but just as strong, than have ever before been used before have been erected on a section of the M1 near Sheffield.

1.85 metres tall and 0.57 metres wide and the world’s first EN 1317-compliant precast concrete safety barrier with highest containment level H4a but has a working width of W1 which equals the highest barrier with the narrowest width.

WIth the hard shoulder having been removed in a previous motorway ‘upgrade’ there was no room for a standard barrier. Specialist contractor Hardstaff Barriers felt it ideal for Rebloc’s RB185A precast concrete barrier which had only launched earlier this year. The barrier only needs a footprint of 800mm.

The barrrier has been erected to protect from vehicle impact the substructure at the end of the 60 year old Smithy Wood footbridge over the M1 near Ecclesfield, Sheffield.

Approximately 200 metres of the barrier was installed by Joe Roocroft & Sons and Hardstaff Barriers team of vehicle restraint system experts on the north and southbound sections of the motorway and connected to the existing VRS in place.