Clarion Housing Group

A 20 year contract, thought to be worth £600m is being offered by Clarion Housing Group, who are one of the UK’s largest housing associations currently with 125,000 homes. The contract will be to deliver improvements to approximately 23,500 homes situated in southeast England.

The contract published is for a supplier to bring planned investment and restore properties which it owns and manages across south and south London region. The said properties include a combination of diferent requirements, some are for supported housing and leaseholders/shared ownership properties, many of which are contained within blocks of flats.

The contract offered will run from April 2023 until the end of March 2043 – and include a ‘no fault’ break clause exercisable on notice after the first three years. The contract will be reviewed by Clarion at least every five years in order to decide whether or not to exercise this clause.

The contract will run together with contracts awarded by Clarion in 2019 to Engie, Wates and United Living, which also run for 20 years. Engie’s project covers homes in East Anglia, Birmingham and Coventry. Wates manages North London, United Living – South London, Kent and the southern homes counties and Dorset.

According to a spokesperson for Clarion they ‘are securing a new 20 year partnership contract for planned investment work for around 23,500 homes acrosss the south and south London regions to include Merton, Maidstone, Mole Valley and Tonbridge and Malling’. This contract is to help us to complete component work, such as kitchens and bathrooms together with major project works and cyclical decorating.

“This is a separate procurement and unrelated to the United Living contract as there is no overlap in the geography”.

The contract notice can be found at:-