Builder tasked with moving Banksey artwork

Appearing on the outside of a steelworkers private garage in Port Talbot on 19th December 2018 was a piece if street art, subsequently named ‘Seasons Greetings’.

The street art is presumed to be by the anonymous and celebrated graffiti artist known as Banksy, and shows a boy catching what was thought to be snowflakes in his mouth, but this has since been revealed to be black dust pollution from a nearby steelworks.

London design & build contractor Egg Group has been awarded the contract to relocate this special work.

The garage owner is believed to have sold the artwork to local dealer John Brandler, who has moved the walls to an empty shop unit in the town.

He now, however, wants to find somewhere safer for it and has until then stored it away in a secret location outside of Wales.

SInce appearing three years ago fanatics have tried to destroy this special amazing piece of artwork. John Brandler went on to say: “We are moving it in order to preserve it for future generations, where it can be seen and enjoyed, but not vandalised”.

Egg Group has been given the challenge of relocating it to a temporary, secure, but undisclosed storage unit, where it is thought it will remain until it can be ‘freed by the Banksy Preservation Society’, which plans to raise money to safeguard its future in either a gallery or museum.

‘Seasons Greetings’ is street art painted onto a concrete block, which weighs nearly half a tonne. Egg are planning on encasing the street art within an eggshell which has been specially designed, and comprises of an inner membrane, outer membrane and a protective shell. This bespoke, temporary, engineered steel frame has been designed to enable the wall section to be safely mobilised horizontally and vertically, in one piece, with the aid of specialised plant and machinery. Once the shopfront of the retail unit has been removed the Egg team will float the art piece out on a skate, lift it on to a lorry, restrain it before transportation to a new location.

Describing rising to this challenge of moving the artwork safely, John Frankiewicz, Egg Group executive chairman said: “As a design and build company who have a fresh approach, Egg Group identifies with Banksy’s mischief and the disruptive impact of his artwork”, making the art sector more engaging and better as a result. The writing was on the wall for this important piece of art, we therefore offered this creative solution and designed the protective eggshell which will mean Banksy’s ‘Seasons Greetings’ can be returned to the public safely.