Blackpool Coastal Defences

Money to replace and upgrade coastal defences in Bipsham, in the north of the town, has been granted to Blackpool Council from government funding.

The project will protect more then 4,000 properties in the town, with work planned to start in early 2023.

The council confirmed that existing defences, which were construced in the 1980’s, have been regularly maintained but are now life expired and are in need of replacement.

Plans for the two sections of the sea defences to be refurbished are for 1.5km from Princes Way at Little Bipsham to Red Bank Road Bipsham and 1.3km from Gynn Square to Cocker Square. To replace these defences now before any more erosion takes place will ensure the need for expensive emergency work to be avoided.

Engineers have discussed the best options for each stretch of coatline and the chosen options that will now be passed for detailed design are:-

  • Princes Way to Red Bank Road to have existing defences refurbished including reinforced toe protection and reinforced concrete slabs overlaid onto the existing revetment.
  • Gynn Square to Cocker Square the seabee revetment (as used at South Shore) overlaid onto the existing revetment and landscape/environmental improvements inshore of promenade.
  • Improvements to both projects will have access steps and slipways, replacement of the crest wall together with the introduction of new fishtail rock headlands and groynes.