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Bam to repair sea wall at Scarborough | BUILDING MAGAZINE

Bam to repair sea wall at Scarborough

Scarborough Borough Council have appointed Bam to repair the sea wall at Robin Hood’s Bay, Scarborough.

The sea wall, 14 metres high and 160 metres long, is in need of extensive repair, and Bam are to reinforce and repair the structure by replacing approximately 30% of the panels while repairing others.

The sea wall, which protects 40 properties from coastal erosion, was built originally in 1974. Prior to it being built more than 200 properties were lost to the sea and the survival of the village threatened.

The £1.4m project is awarded under the Environment Agency’s collaborative delivery framework and this work will form the first part of the five-phase project and is intended to increase the service life of the sea wall by up to 50 years.

Bam as the Environment Agency’s construction delivery partner in the region means they carry out extensive flood defence works across the northeast of England.