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Asphalt Suppliers

Lower temperature mixes are to be used by two of the UK’s leading asphalt companies.

Tarmac and Aggregate Industries have announced they are changing from hot (HMA) to warm (WMA) mix for their standard asphalt, claiming sustainability as the reason.

Mixing at 20’c to 40’c lower than hot mix asphalt will allow for an important reduction in CO2 emissions by using less fossil fuels on resources during the manufacturing process also reducing fumes which makes safer working conditions.

A further advantage to using WMA is that it will reach trafficking temperature quicker than convential hot asphalt which will ensure earlier re-opening of carriageways. This is turn increases production for the contractor.

Said to be the most important sustainable improvement to their range of asphalt mixtures in the company’s history. Tarmac first patented traditional hot mix asphalt in 1902.

40% of Tarmac’s asphalt plants across the UK will default to warm mix for all lower layer materials from 1st July. Phasing out traditional hot mix asphalt for highways projects is expected to save 13,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Technical director at Tarmac Brian Kent said: “Warm mix technology has been available to our customers for the past five years we are however now proactively switching our plants to offer this low carbon material to be our standard preferred option. This shows a noteworthy sustainability focused improvement on Edgar Hooley’s original process while embracing the groundbreaking spirit of our founder which is at the heart of our business while also helping the UK move to net zero.

Managing director of asphalt at Aggregate Industries Vicky Smith said: “As the UK’s leading building materials supplier our contribution towards the move to net zero is essential. A short time ago we made the switch from hot mix to warm mix asphalt which our customers have been trialling. She went on to say that moving to WMAs is a big step forward in our environmental sustainability and if all productivity in the UK made this switch it would save approximately 61,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.